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Armadale Railway Line Australia

The project is Perth's first major elevated railway, designed to improve public transport safety, create versatile new public spaces for the local community and reduce traffic congestion. Six level crossings will be removed along the Armadale Line by elevating the railway alignment along Mint Street, Oats Street, Welshpool Road, Hamilton Street, Wharf Street and William Street. New modern elevated stations will also be built in Carlisle, Oats Street, Queens Park, Cannington and Beckenham. The elevated railway will have a height of between five and seven meters above the ground with piles and deck combined into a single structure in order to minimize its size and environmental impact.

FPC Italia has designed and produced 480 fixed, unidirectional and multidirectional spherical bearings type TETRON SB with heavy horizontal loads.

All production took place "in-house" at our factory in the north of Milan.

We work in safety, we work to provide safety.