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Innovation is in Freyssinet Products Company's blood. Since the beginning, the company has based its growth on dynamic innovation, as borne out by numerous technological advances that have changed the civil engineering world.

To perpetuate the pioneering spirit of its founders, the company implements and invests heavily in an active research and development policy, led by a Technical Department and a worldwide network of experts working closely with research laboratories and universities.

Evidence of this innovative drive can be found in the constant enhancement of the company's expertise to the benefit of its clients, and includes bridge fittings, seismic protection products, retrofitting and structural maintenance, the Foreva® repair label, and more.

EOLIFT project

Examples of Freyssinet innovations:
Maintenance of the ANZAC Bridge: a large-scale project
First use of the 1R15 anchor in Australia
Foreva® GP Zinc: controlling reinforced concrete corrosion
Cohestrand®: the other Freyssinet stay cable
More competitive wind turbines