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Livorno-Rosignano A12 Highway Viaduct Morra

In recent weeks, sites Dept. has completed maintenance work on the modular joint type LWS 1200 on the South carriageway of the Morra viaduct (SAT).

Following a technical inspection to which the joints were subjected, critical issues were identified that led to the corrective and restoration intervention.

The intervention was designed with a dedicated project in which all the works to be carried out were listed with the relative time schedule to allow the highway Body to better organize the site and not subject that stretch of road to heavy traffic. For this reason, it was decided to carry out the intervention in two distinct tranches.

Since these are joints that have operating systems in the substructures of the same, the intervention was planned both from the roadway and from the pulvinus of the pile and all activities were carried out in total absence of traffic.

The specialized team of BU Italy took care of every activity: construction site set-up, removal of damaged parts of the joint, release of the joint, painting, assembly of new parts and installation of a special water collection system.

We work in safety, we work to provide safety.