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    Construction of the San Isidro Bridge over Lempa River is completed in El Salvador

    FPC ITALIA in cooperation with Fryssinet de Panama has completed the supply of the isolators and of the joints for the San Isidro Bridge in the Republic of El Salvador.

    New Structures

    RA 222 Bridge and Other Services at Gulf St. on Albidda Roundabout, KUWAIT

    FPC Italia is part of the new projects in Kuwait. We have completed the supply of Nos. 64 steel pot bearings with vertical capacities between 414tons and 828tons. Before the shipment, the devices have even been tested at ISOSISM laboratory in accordance with AASHTO standard with Third Party Witnessing by Bureau Veritas.


    New 5MN dynamic testing machine for ISOLAB

    Full designed, built and assembled by the FPC ITALIA and ISOLAB team, the new bi-axial testing machine ‘5MN’ has been commissioned on July 2017. A new strength for the ISOLAB laboratory, for FPC Italia and for the Soletanche-Freyssinet group.

    New Structures

    The Logistic Hub in Trieste port, Italy

    The first deliveries of the 855 double surface sliding pendulum isolators ISOSISM PS have started. They will seismically isolate the huge concrete slab post tensioned with 750 ton of strands. The object is the new logistic hub of Trieste port - Italy. The 70.000 square meter slab has a structural net of 10 x 10 meters. On each single column will be installed the sliding pendulum designed, manufactured and tested by FPC ITALIA.



    The marketing in Italy of the brand FOREVA is still on progress. Design and technical offices, architects, apartment blocks administrators… our attention is addressed to everyone who are dealing with structures to retrofit and/or repair.



    FPC Italia will take part in the following conventions: Edilportale Tour 2017 and Convention ANACI in Pesaro



    The supply of the high damping rubber bearings type HDRB according to the European Standard EN15129 for the seismic protection of the new headquarter in Osimo of the LEGA DEL FILO D’ORO (Charity Association helping deaf and blind persons) has been completed, after the successful execution of the type and routine tests. The routine tests have been performed at our improved ISOLAB laboratory which has obtained the ISO 9001 certification and has been recognized as official certified laboratory according to European Standard EN15129.


    ISOSISM LRB for LRT Project Jakarta, Indonesia

    The synergy among FPC Italia, Freyssinet Total Indonesia and Freyssinet TD scored a great success for the seismic isolation of the Light Rail Train Project in Jakarta, Indonesia. The technical support provided to the local main contractor PT Adhi Karya and the French Consultant SISTRA, to define the best solution for limiting the maximum horizontal force transmitted to the foundation, has played a significant role in the choice of ISOSISM LRB isolators.


    The Alibeyköy and Kagithane viaducts in Istanbul, Turkey

    FPC ITALIA is completing the supply to FREYSAS of the bearings equipped with seismic damping devices at high hysteresis. Thanks to these two important projects, Freyssinet has got the CE certification for ISOSISM® Displacement Dependent Devices (type DDD according to the standard EN 15129). The Alibeyköy and Kagithane viaducts are part of the new Istanbul metro line.


    The new press in ISOLAB

    The growth of FPC Italia continues with the completion of the new 70 MN testing equipment in the evolved test laboratory of FREYSSINET group. At ISOLAB, at the plant in Montebello della Battaglia (PV) - Italy, the tests on new equipment entirely designed by Freyssinet Technical Department and realized with our teams officially started.


    The 16th World Conference on earthquake engineering

    Last 9th January was held in Santiago de Chile the 16th World Congress on Earthquake Engineering and Freyssinet was not missing it. More than 3.000 persons attended the conference


    Welcome FPC ITALIA!

    Last 7th September 2016 ALGA S.p.A. changed its name in “FREYSSINET PRODUCTS COMPANY ITALIA S.p.A.” keeping its headquarter in Milano – Italy.

    New Structures

    Expansion joints for the Second Level over the Mexico-Puebla Highway

    After the successful supply of the 676 rubber-lead isolators ALGA, always in cooperation with Freyssinet de Mexico, has been awarded the complete supply of all the joints for the construction of the second level over the Mexico-Puebla highway, both to the Mexican company PINFRA and to the Spanish company OHL


    London Bridge Project Redevelopment in London

    Alga, in cooperation with Freyssinet UK, is successfully concluding the supply of all the shock transmitters to the main contractor Costain, for the redevelopment and improving of the London Bridge station in London, U.K.

    New Structures

    Riyadh Metro, Package 1 , Bearings for Stations, Saudi Arabia

    After getting the order for the bearings of the lines, ALGA has been appointed as the supplier for the elastomeric bearings of the Stations of Package 1.

  • New Structures

    Riyadh Metro, Package 1 , Lines 1 & 2, Saudi Arabia

    Alga has got the order for the design and the production of Nos.1618 elastomeric bearings type NB4 (with external steel plates) and NB5 (with upper external checkered plate) for the lines 1 & 2 of the new Riyadh Metro system.


    Second level over Mexico-Puebla highway

    Alga, in cooperation with Freyssinet de Mexico, has been awarded the supply of all the rubber-lead isolators to the Mexican company PINFRA for the construction of the second level over the Mexico-Puebla highway.

    New Structures

    ALGA works for EXPO 2015

    The upgrading of roads linking Milan and the EXPO 2015 area includes the bridge signed by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel and Partners, it will be the intervention intended to become a true landmark of the Expo 2015.T

    New Structures

    Doctor Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange in Accra, Ghana

    After supplying the elastomeric bearings for the first phase of “Doctor Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange” performed by Construtora Queiroz Galvao in Accra (Ghana) during Summer 2014, Alga has just received the technical approval by the designer for supplying the bearings of the second phase of the same project.


    Bucharest City Hall, Romania

    Bucharest City Hall is a 6 floor masonry building having a plan area of 3800 square meters. It was built in 1912 and enlarged in 1950.

  • New Structures

    High Speed Railway line Milan-Verona

    The new High Speed Railway line Treviglio-Brescia is part of the European Corridor TEN-T "Mediterraneo" and represents a further step in the realization of the Milan-Verona line, that is 140 km long. The section between Milan and Treviglio is 27 km long and has already been built and in service since 2007.

    New Structures

    Mall of Egypt, Cairo, Egitto

    ALGA has been awarded the order for the design and supply of the bearings for the project of “Mall of Egypt”, a 160,000-square metre mall dominating the western half of the greater Cairo metropolis.

    New Structures

    South Palace Museum,Taipei,Taiwan

    ALGA has completed the supply of nr. 210 friction pendulum for the seismic isolation of the prestigious South Palace Museum in Taipei (Taiwan).

    New Structures

    Structural retrofitting with FRP on the HSR Plovdiv, Svilengrad, in Bulgaria

    A huge step forward for this great project: the first stay cable was installed on April 3rd on the Europe pylon. The video shows a first sneak peek with beautiful aerial views of the site.


    The seismic isolation of HSR Eskisheir – Istanbul

    Freyssinet at the World Gas Congress 2015 from the 2nd to the 5th of June

  • New Structures

    ALGA expansion joints pass in Japan the most severe test

    During 2008 and 2009, ALGA has designed, manufactured and supplied the expansion joints for the new runway in the Tokyo Haneda airport, a complex system of steel joints that connect the new runway to land.

    New Structures

    New Tokyo Haneda runway expansion joints

    ALGA has been chosen by the Japanese Ministry of Transports for the supply of the expansion joints for the 4th runway of Tokyo Haneda Airport.