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SS 125 Oriental Sarda Lot 4 Tertenia Tortoli

During the past year the Freyssinet BU Italy has acquired a very important job in the field of infrastructures.

This is the supply of ISOSISM isolators and SX rubber expansion joints for 5 mixed structure viaducts and precisely: n. 28 HDRB dia. 450 and n. 18 HDRB dia 500 mm all made with HARD compound and over 100 meters of expansion joints.

The isolators were produced in our FPC Rubber factory and tested at the ISOLAB testing laboratory according to the NTC2018 protocol with the presence of the Politecnico di Milano and the report highlighted important results.

The launch of all the decks was carried out during the current year.

Soon, after the asphalt application activities, our site division will proceed with the installation of the joints.

We work in safety, we work to provide safety.