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The 16th World Conference on earthquake engineering

Last 9th January was held in Santiago de Chile the 16th World Congress on Earthquake Engineering and Freyssinet was not missing it. More than 3.000 persons attended the conference, among them the most representative designers, university professors, researchers in the earthquake engineering field coming from all over the world. Representatives of FPC Italia, Freyssinet Chile and Freyssinet TD were attending the congress. The ISOSISM products range was presented through the Freyssinet stand. Freyssinet know-how and expertise were shown thanks to papers and posters.

The following papers were presented:
“Railway bridge seismic protection with the ISOSISM range” and “Seismic retrofitting of Marmara Baºibûyûk University hospital in Istanbul”
While the posters were:
“Definition of an absolute acceleration Response Spectrum”, “Seismic isolation of the La Meynard hospital” and “Seismic protection of the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, Taiwan”.

The Freyssinet state of the art in the seismic protection has been well appreciated during the congress week, many attendees visited the Freyssinet stand showing high interest for the ISOSISM range of products and ISOLAB testing laboratory capacity.
Next World Conference on Earthquake Engineering will be held in Tokyo in 2021.