Freyssinet Products Company Italia is provided with a quality control and testing laboratory named ISOLAB located at Montebello della Battaglia (Pavia) – Italy.

Thanks to several dedicated testing equipment, partially fabricated on exclusive design, ISOLAB is able to perform testing of devices in dynamic or static conditions.

The main dynamic power supply consists of an MTS pumping station that gives a 560 l/min oil flow at 210 bar.

Here below are described the main available equipment.

Static tests

- Equipment for tests with vertical axial load up to 8000 kN and horizontal load up to 3000 kN.

- Equipment for tests with vertical axial load up to 50000 kN and horizontal load up to 20000 kN.

- Equipment for tests with vertical axial load up to 70000 kN

Dynamic tests

- Actuator with different load capacity and stroke, variable form 200 kN till 16000 kN, used with different frame configurations. These equipment are usually used to carry out dynamic tests for seismic devices also with large size. The devices to be tested can be subjected to forces and displacements applied with different shape waves.

Testing structures for post-tensioning system

- the equipment is formed by two concrete blocks with a central hole for the strands seat. The cable is leant along the whole bench and fixed at the blocks ends by the anchor heads and wedges. The dynamic actuators installed between the two blocks are able to apply the forces and displacements required by the specifications up to 24000 kN

For dynamic tests, the ISOLAB laboratory is equipped with servovalves, able to pilot the actuators; the whole system is controlled through servo-controlled digital systems and dedicated softwares that allow to control and record all the digital signals coming from the instruments.

For static tests, the jacks and actuators are manually controlled through the pumps; a digital acquisition system continuously records the reading of the instruments.

For specific projects we can manufacture special testing equipment. For example, we can mention the fabrication of a biaxial horizontal shaking table for the study of large movements steel expansion joints.


New press 70 MN in Isolab testing laboratory