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First official test on the new 70 MN testing bench!

ISOLAB performed the first official test out of all the Factory Production Control Tests to carry out for the supply of 704 pendulum isolators for the base isolation of the 70.000 sqm. new logistic platform in Trieste harbor.

The new logistic platform is 470 meters long and 275 meters wide and it is made of a post-tensioned concrete slab of 50 cm. thickness. Freyssinet supplied all the isolators, expansion joints  and post-tensioning system  which includes 750 tons of strand about 2000 anchorages type 3C15 and 4C15 and 3900 couplers types 3CU15 and 4CU15.

Tests on double surface pendulum isolators have been performed applying 8000 kN vertical load with dynamic control during the 3 cycles of horizontal displacement to check the seismic performances. A test to check the load bearing capacity of the isolators has also been performed applying 16000 kN of vertical load. The tests have been performed with witnessing of the final client and the designer. Further FPC tests will be performed before the end of April on 6 additional devices since FPC Italia got the confirmation for the delivery of additional 111 isolators.

ISOLAB is now ready to perform more and more dynamic tests on a wider range of seismic devices with different standards and specifications.

During the lifting

During the lifting

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