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FPC ITALIA and FREYSSINET PERU, a successful pair

FPC ITALIA and FREYSSINET PERÚ have conquered a large percentage of the seismic protection market in Perù. In fact a long stretch of “Via Expresa linea Amarilla” connecting eleven Districts in Lima, four important hospitals, one private university and the roadway bridge Mantaro will be seismic isolated with the Freyssinet ISOSISM® devices.
“Linea Amarilla” is an important project of VINCI HIGHWAYS in which also other companies of the group are involved.

FPC ITALIA designs, produces and tests the HDRB high damping rubber bearings, LRB lead rubber bearings and sliders sold locally by Freyssinet Perù.

The complete cycle design, production, control, sales has been done internally inside the Freyssinet Group companies in such a way to grant the products constant high quality.

Freyssinet Perù also grant the installation technical assistance on site.

The ISOSISM® isolators have been designed according to the AASHTO Standards for bridges and to the ASCE 7-10 Standards for buildings. The manufacturing in FPC RUBBER factory has been completed for all the projects. The Type tests and Factory Production Control tests have been carried out at our laboratory ISOLAB.

We received the visit of Consultants, Designers and Contractors to witness the tests and check our production/quality process.

Quantities and types of isolators are reported in the below table.

Tacna University 31 HDRB 0.4-10 600x172 109 HDRB 0.4-10 650x144 and 101 sliders
Chala Hospital 79 LRB 0.4-10 720x161 18 sliders
Cotahuasi Hospital 48 LRB 0.4-10 700x136
Camanà Hospital 99 LRB 0.4-10 720x161 14 sliders
Santa Maria Cutervo Hospital 48 LRB 0.4-10 600x100
Mantaro Bridge 8 LRB 0.8-10 800x104 10 LRB 0.8-10 650x110
Linea Amarilla 90 HDRB 0.8-10 415x126 160 HDRB 0.8-10 450x140

Isolators and sliders of Tacna University

Linea Amarilla

Test on isolator for Universidad de Tacna

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