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The history of Freyssinet Products Company Italia dates back to the founding of Alga company in 1969, which merged the experience gained in over 30 years of activity in the field of highway construction, of the previous companies Biarmato, Prebeton Cavi and then the company Preco .

This latter company developed its own post-tensioning system and thanks to the take-over by Alga, the business expanded to all areas of construction, including the design, production, supply and installation of bridge bearings and expansion joints. Subsequently it began to develop innovative anti-seismic technologies succeeding to be the first company in Europe to apply such technologies by isolating the headquarter of Telecom Ancona with high damping rubber isolators HDRB in 1987.

In the ‘90s the testing laboratory, today Isolab, has been inaugurated in Montebello della Battaglia (Pavia), provided with modern equipment to perform static and dynamic tests on different devices. The testing laboratory Isolab is a sign of the continuous commitment that the company has always had in Research and Development, and it is now the basis of the certification of the devices supplied by Freyssinet Products Company Italia according to the European standards (CE marking).

Freyssinet Products Company Italia is today a leading company in the supply of bridge bearings, expansion joints, anti-seismic and post-tensioning systems, having been involved in prestigious projects in Italy and worldwide.

The wide range of supplies for the Italian high-speed railways (TAV), the production and installation of over 25,000 bearings for the Taiwan High Speed Railway (THSR), the supply of expansion joints for the new runway of Tokyo Haneda Airport (the only company in the world to supply expansion joints for airport runways), are some examples of jobs where the company has been chosen for the quality of its products and its experience.

Freyssinet Products Company Italia, today brings together an unrivalled range of skills in the specialist civil engineering sector and services, offering integrated technical solutions in two major fields: construction and structural repair.

Freyssinet Prestressing

Eugene Freyssinet Association

The Association was created in 1992 to commemorate and celebrate the great man's work. Founders Patrick Ponthier, Jean-Marc Tassin and Philippe Guiony, who all hail from near Objat, the village in the Corrèze region where Eugène Freyssinet was born, wanted to spread the word about one of their own. The Association is independent of any private or public body and aims to honour the memory of Eugène Freyssinet, engineer and inventor of prestressing, in France and throughout the world.