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Riyadh Metro, Package 1 , Lines 1 & 2, Saudi Arabia

Alga has got the order for the design and the production of Nos.1618 elastomeric bearings type NB4 (with external steel plates) and NB5 (with upper external checkered plate) for the lines 1 & 2 of the new Riyadh Metro system.

Our customer BACS Consortium will be responsible for the design and build of Lines 1 and 2 of the Riyadh metro project, which are part of the six-line metro system of the Saudi capital city (total length of the lines is  176 kilometres with 85 stations).

Line 1 will run from north to south through the centre of Riyadh, with length of 38 km along the Olaya-Batha corridor. On the contrary, Line 2 will run from east to west along King Abdullah Road with total length of more than 25 km.

Alga bearings will be tailor made designed and produced according to AASHTO standard. The supply will comply with Arriyadh strict high quality requirements, including even the test on the raw materials performed at external accredited laboratories and testing (Vertical and Shear tests) on the produced bearings to be carried out at our own laboratory Isolab with the witnessing of external parties.


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