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The Logistic Hub in Trieste port, Italy

The first deliveries of the 855 double surface sliding pendulum isolators ISOSISM PS have started. They will seismically isolate the huge concrete slab post tensioned with 750 ton of strands. The object is the new logistic hub of Trieste port - Italy.

The 70.000 square meters slab has a structural net of 10 x 10 meters. On each single column will be installed the sliding pendulum designed, manufactured and tested by FPC ITALIA.

The maximum vertical load supported by the ISOSISM PS pendulum is equal to 11.600 kN and the design displacement calculated for an earthquake with 2.475 years return period is ±240 mm. Particular attention has been given to the durability of the isolators due to the special environmental conditions and limited access to the isolators location.

The 5% of the produced sliding pendulum will be tested to grant the CE certification according to EN15129.

At Trieste site FPC Italia will supply 750 tons of strands together with the Freyssinet C range with nos. 456 anchorages 4C15, nos. 1.380 couplers 4CU15, nos. 1.106 anchorages 3C15 and nos. 2.522 couplers 3CU15.

Included in the contract there are also 800 meters of expansion joints type Algaflex TX270.

This major project is a distinctive sign of the FPC ITALIA expertise in the field of seismic protection and civil engineering and an example how to be successful thanks to the Freyssinet Group synergies.

Sliding pendulum ISOSISM PS