Structural repair and maintenance has always been a key activity of Freyssinet Products Company Italia, also to support the application of structural bearings, antiseismic devices and joints on the existing structures.

The following are the main activities performed for the maintenance or retrofitting of the structures:

• Lifting of bridge spans from top or bottom
• Replacement of the structural bearings
• Load transfers
• Installing or removing structural components
• Adjustment of the bearing reactions
• Monitoring of loads and displacement
• Innovative construction methods
• Application of external post-tensioning
• Seismic retrofitting by use of isolators or other antiseismic devices
• Repair of damaged concrete by mechanical or electro-chemical means

In all these cases a deep analysis of the structure to be repaired is necessary as well as the eventual design of ad-hoc equipment to be utilized to prevent any damage to the structure during the interim phases and to allow a safe execution of the work. By use of modern electronic and oil hydraulic devices the most sensitive operations can be performed with remote control through dedicated PC and software.
The repair works, presenting always new and particular aspects, are analyzed and developed with the client, very often implying suitable preliminary tests before their execution on site.

Among the most important repair works executed in the past, we can mention the repair of the Polcevera Bridge in Genova. This bridge is an hystorical structure, designed by Prof. Riccardo Morandi in the years sixties. The repair involved the application of external stay cables, the installation of several components in steel carpentry and the repair of the damaged concrete.


Areas of application:

Bridges and engineering structures, dams
Public buildings
Private buildings
Industrial structures
Marine and river structures
Tunnels and arches

Water engineering structures
Ancient monuments