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Freyssinet – setting the bechmark in specialist civil engineering

Freyssinet Products Company Italia is an engineering company coming from the experience of Alga company, known and appreciated throughout the world for more than 50 years for its bearings, expansion joints, anti-seismic devices and post-tensioning system.

The previous company Alga was founded in 1969 initially working in the design, supply and installation of bridge bearings and expansion joints. Later, it began to develop innovative anti-seismic technologies, succeeding to be the first company in Europe to apply such technologies by isolating the Telecom head office in Ancona with High Damping Rubber Bearings in 1987.

Today, with the new brand Freyssinet Products Company Italia, it is a leading company in the design, technical assistance and supply of anti-seismic and energy dissipation devices in Italy and worldwide. It was the first Italian company to supply sliding pendulum systems in 2007 to isolate the Golden Ears Bridge in Canada.

Thanks to the deep experience gained through years of construction activities, it is very active also in the market structural repairs and retrofitting in both civil construction and buildings.

Freyssinet Products Company Italia is able to cooperate with construction companies and designers, in order to provide technical assistance and to ensure a high level of technologically advanced solutions. The technical department in collaboration with the testing laboratory is constantly committed in Research and Development of new products and innovative solutions.

The active participation of the company in associations and committees has given a strong contribution to the development of European regulations governing the design, manufacture and supply of bearings, post-tensioning systems and anti-seismic devices.

Freyssinet Products Company Italia manufactures and installs under a quality system in compliance with ISO 9001 certification SGS.

Currently, Freyssinet Products Company Italia is part of Soletanche-Freyssinet group. Freyssinet was founded over 70 years ago by Eugène Freyssinet, the inventor of prestressing. Freyssinet brings together an unrivalled range of skills in the specialist civil engineering sector, offering integrated technical solutions in the field of construction and structural repair.

The synergies provided by two worldwide leader companies in the field of the structural devices and seismic protection like Alga and Freyssinet, strengthen much more the capability of Freyssinet Products Company Italia, to propose itself as ideal partner for contractors and designers involved in high technical and engineered level projects.

The new Freyssinet Products Company Italia organization is led by the CEO Mr. Cyrille Barioz and the Managing Director Mr. Paolo Pagella.

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