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The company has unrivalled knowledge and expertise in public buildings construction, with numerous successful projects worldwide.  

Prestressed floor solutions

Prestressing by post-tensioning, which has already been commonly used in structures throughout the world for many years, is becoming increasingly widespread in the building sector. A growing number of architects, developers and design offices have understood its advantages and are using it to construct buildings.

Contemporary architectural trends, reflecting modern lifestyles, favor large uninterrupted floor areas, flexible internal layout and spaces that are easy to modify and move around in, while considerably improving the durability of buildings. These multiple requirements can be met through prestressing by post-tensioning, which makes it possible to achieve large unobstructed spans, with a minimum number of columns and reduced floor depths.

Freyssinet offers integrated solutions comprising:

anchor and floor design,
supply of its PT processes,

By being involved in each stage of implementation of its systems, Freyssinet is able to control every aspect of its PT floor solutions.


MidviewCity Light Ind.Building, Singapore

Buildings equipments

Freyssinet manufactures and supplies a wide range of accessories (bearings, expansion joints, etc.) and earthquake protection devices that comply with the most stringent standards.

Structural accessories can be categorized into three families based on their main function:

bearings, which transfer major vertical loads, such as between a deck and its piers,
expansion joints, which ensure a continuous road surface, such as between a main deck and its end spans,
earthquake protection devices, which reduce the transmission of inertial forces, such as between a deck and its piers during a seismic event.

These solutions offer numerous benefits, particularly with regard to installation and durability.
Heron tower (London, England)

Isoslab, simple, quick and safe construction in seismic areas

With ISOSLAB, Freyssinet has developed a technology that greatly simplifies the design and the construction of buildings in seismic areas. The ISOSLAB technology provides a seism free area on which developers can build standard buildings with very limited consideration of earthquake loads and seismic construction details.

ISOSLAB relies on the base isolation principle. Working as a mattress, it is designed to absorb the earthquake vibrations coming from the ground into the building structure with four components: a foundation slab cast directly on the ground, columns, isolators placed on top of the columns, a top isolated slab on which the building is built.

Isoslab process

Anchoring solutions

Freyssinet offers anchoring solutions and associated services to companies engineering special foundations and carrying out strengthening work to ensure structural stability and reinforce the ground.

Products are developed and then manufactured in modern workshops by skilled workers. Quality is the keyword at every stage in the manufacturing process, and all products undergo exhaustive tests to guarantee best-in-class performance.

Freyssinet anchors

Products and Techniques:

Structural accessories
Geotechnical engineering